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Issues related to 457 and student visa categories

Here we have a special segment on migration matters as discussed with the migration specialist Jujhar Singh Bajwa. With reference to 457 visa categories,

Mr Bajwa mentioned that there are calls for the temporary work visa program to be reformed to stop abuses by some employers. He suggested that people must be vigilant about these issues and shouldn't fall prey to this exploitation. Additionally, he discussed the core issues of 572 and 573 visa categories, the English requirements for different courses, and also if international students can change course if they are not happy with their current arrangements. Preetinder Grewal reports…….. Are 457 visa-holders being exploited?Over 93,000 overseas skilled workers are currently living and working in Australia on 457 temporary visas. Many come with their families to enjoy the sunshine and relaxed lifestyle, with hopes of one day securing permanent residency. But for some the 457 visa scheme results in exploitation. Organisations that support workers are calling for the program to be reformed to put a stop abuses by some unscrupulous employers. Twenty per cent more 457 visas were issued to overseas skilled workers in the first two months of this financial year compared to the same period a year ago. (SBS Report by Phillippa Carisbrooke)