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Things need to know before working as a student in Japan

Most language schools will divide the lesson schedules into a morning or afternoon classes. This gives you lots of time to explore the city you are living in but at some point you might want to start looking for a part-time job.
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Working limitations
As a student, you can work up to 28 hours a week. This is a combination of all the places you work, so if for example, you work two jobs, you can’t work 28 hours in each one! If you leave your school, as you are no longer doing activities related to being a student, your work permit also becomes invalid.
Applying for the work permit
Initially, a student visa does not allow one to work in Japan. It is necessary to apply for “permission to engage in an activity other than that permitted in the status of residence previously granted”, or a work permit for short. The application is rather easy and there are two ways to do this.
Fill out this form before coming to Japan and give it to the immigration officer when you arrive at the airport.
If you already have a residence card but did not receive your work permit, you can apply within the country by filling out a more detailed form and going to the immigration office.
We highly recommend filling out the form before you arrive in Japan if you intend to work, as you’ll be able to work right away.  If you do it in the country it can up to a month before you are issued your work permit.
Once your permit is approved, they will stamp the bottom space on the back of your zairyu card with a black stamp.  They will also put a sticker in your passport.
That’s it, you’re all set to work!
Restricted jobs
As a student, you can apply for almost any kind of job posting but you are not allowed to partake in are those related to adult entertainment.
For example:
  • Bars (restaurants which serve alcohol are fine)
  • Hostess bars or host clubs
  • Video game arcades
  • Pachinko parlors
  • Love hotels
  • Adult goods or video stores
  • Massage parlors
  • Anything related to the sex trade
You get the picture.  Even if you are not involved in any kind of inappropriate acts, just working in the same venue is illegal.  This includes working as a janitor, kitchen staff, or server!  If you have any questions at all about your job, contact your school and they’ll let you know if it is allowed or not.
Respect the Japanese law
Criminal activity is heavily punished in Japan and being ignorant of the crime is no excuse. Organized crime groups often target foreign students to carry out their schemes. They will give you money for simple tasks, such as:
  • Withdrawing money using someone else’s ATM card
  • Ordering products online using someone else’s information and payment information
  • Receiving packages for someone else and giving it to them later
  • Don’t fall for such things!  If something sounds too good to be true, consult your school!
  • Do not sell or lend your personal ID or items to anyone!
Recently there has been an increase in scams where people will give you money to “borrow” your personal documents, they will then use your documents to do bad things such as opening cell phone contracts or other services for illegal use.  When the police finally start investigating, everything will lead back to the person who lent the ID!  Under no circumstances should you give anything with your name on it to someone else!
This includes:
  • Residence card
  • Bank book
  • ATM card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
There are plenty of ways to make honest money in Japan, so only work with reputable companies.  We are at GaijinPot are here to support your life as a student and make sure you find the good jobs to help finance your life in Japan!

Study in Australia – Nepalese students are heading for higher study

With the 2017 academic year commencing at Australian universities this month, a record number of Nepalis are heading there for higher studies, making Nepal Australia’s eighth largest source of international students.

Lured by relatively lower fees, easier process for the student visa and more attainable job prospects, there have been 20,463 Nepali enrolments in Australian educational institutions as of September 2016, twice as many as last year. However, many students interviewed said privately they intended to stay on and work in Australia.

“I’d like to think educational reputation is the reason people come to Australia and not for the sole purpose of Permanent Residency,” Australian ambassador Glenn White told Nepali Times. He admitted he is often asked why Australia attracts so many Nepali students and said he hopes more students will return and contribute to Nepal’s economy.

Manata Upadhyaya of the Nepal International Education Consultancy (NIEC) says it is much harder to stay illegally in Australia than it is in the United States. But she believes more than 70 percent of Nepali students who go to Australia to study will settle down there.

Post-graduate student Shelina Amatya, 24, says she will apply for Permanent Residency when her visa expires in 2018 as she tries to get her foot in Australia’s corporate world. Amatya believes the working conditions are the main reason students are breaching their visa agreements.

“The limit of 20 hours work a week for students hardly covers rent and food when you have the added burden of tuition fees,” she said.

With a history of Nepali students breaching visa conditions, Australia stresses the importance of sticking to the set working hours. “20 hours might not be enough but students come here to study, not to work,” said Ambassador White. “Australia needs to provide jobs for its own people. There is no point in advertising jobs that aren’t available.”

He added that recent changes to the Skills Occupation List (SOL), which is part of Australia’s immigration points system, have made it harder and costlier for students to meet the requirements of the SOL that they are applying to.

Students like Amatya, however, admitted that it struggles: “We are paying thousands of dollars for a degree, and on top of that, to get Permanent Residency we have to do additional courses which will cost another $10, 000.”

Top 5 popular Australian destinations for Nepalese students

Popular amongst international students, Australia is one of the best study abroad destinations in the world for Nepalese students. The ‘land of kangaroos’ offers a wide range of educational courses to students coming from different parts of the globe. These courses cover fields like engineering, business, medicine, tourism, humanities, etc. Australia is also home to some of the best universities that provide international students with multiple academic options such as bachelor degrees, master degrees, associate degrees and PhD degrees.

Every year, approximately 3,00,000 international students relocate to Australia. Most of them are from India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea and China. However, Nepalese students make up more than 8th position of Australia’s student population. Also, the recently revised visa application rules have been proving more beneficial for students since they don’t need to show much documentation and financial proof.

With some of the best cities providing world-class education as well as better living standards in Australia, students have an advantage. So, here are 5 top students cities in Australia for Nepalese students.

1. Sydney

Being home to a signature relaxed lifestyle, famous nightlife, authentic Australian cuisine and the best of Australia’s universities, Sydney is the most expensive city in Australia. It is considered to be incomparable. With five universities located in the city, Sydney possesses a high student population.

Sydney is house to 2 Go8 universities including University of New South Wales UNSW and the University of Sydney. UTS – University of Technology Sydney is one of the most popular ATN University in India for Sydney.  Macquarie University’s business and biosciences courses are very popular.  University of Sydney, Western is known for its health courses.

These 5 Australian cities are the top study abroad destinations for Indian students looking to gaining world-class education and living a good life.

Want to know why study in Australia?

2. Melbourne

Melbourne tops the study abroad cities in Australia list. This city houses nine universities offering various academic courses and quality education that every student wants to be a part of. The popular universities of Melbourne include University of Melbourne and Monash University which are a part of Go8 universities, RMIT is popular ATN University and La Trobe University is the IRU of Melbourne. Australian Catholic University is renowned for tutoring its very special courses in teaching and nursing apart from business and IT. Deakin and Victoria University is very popular for its courses among Indian students.

The city is also known for its cultural entertainment and efficient transport facilities. It is a busy city like any other metro city in the world; it is advisable for students to choose their accommodation close to their institution of study. Melbourne is also very popular among Indian students due to its past connections with the students.

3. Adelaide

With a lot of social spots, beautiful beaches and vineyards, Adelaide is also house to 3 well-known universities that attract students from around the world. The University of Adelaide is a famous Go8 University. The University of South Australia is part of the ATN group whereas Flinders University enjoys being part of IRU.

Adelaide is the best place to be for food enthusiasts and students who prefer a low cost of living.

4. Perth

Perth is a wonderful study destination in Western Australia. This city is home to top universities of the country that provide Indian students with a wide range of study programs and a strong education system. University of Western Australia located in Perth is a part of Group of Eight (Go8 universities). Curtin University has ATN affiliation network. Edith Cowen University is known for its communication courses whereas Murdoch University focuses very well on research activities and is a member of IRU (Innovative Research University).

Perth enjoys less travel and time distance from India. The place is known for its opportunities in the mining industry.

5. Brisbane

With three universities and a lot of study and work opportunities, Brisbane is another favorite for Nepalese students. University of Queensland in Brisbane is part of Go8 universities and QUT enjoys being part of ATN group. Griffith University prides in being part of IRU.

Brisbane is one of the most affordable cities in Australia as far as studying and living is concerned. Indian students love the weather conditions here

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