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The steps to success

1. Comprehensive Assessment

The first step starts with the comprehensive assessment of your study profile. Please bring your detail CV with IELTS score sheet at the time of counseling session. Our Expert Counselor will help you to find the best course and destination University as per your study profile and career aspiration.

2. Document Submission

On this stage, our experienced counselor will assess all the original academic certificates recommend and you the best place to apply for study approval. We let you realize the real-clear roadmap to get the study and visa approval.

3. Preparing for Vis Approval

On this stage, we collect all the supporting documents and preparation of Visa Lodgement. Please bring notary copies of all the documents instead of originals. 

4 Verification of documents & Final check

Our counselor do the hard work to recheck and verification of all supporting documents. 

5. Visa Lodgement

Our much-experienced Visa Officer lodge your electronic visa application. Our Visa officer has years of experiences to know the dos and don’ts of visa lodgement. Which will bring only anticipated outcome.

6. Post Visa Preparation

We don’t conclude our assignment after you get the visa. We help you to arrange accommodation, help you to find part-time work, help you to get an air ticket to the destination country and airport pick-up. 

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