Documentation and Study Approval

In this step, you’ll get the document checklist to arrange the document as per the destination college/university for you. You have to collect all the academic & personal document by yourself. Our counselor will guide you best way to arrange and help you to write sop. Each step of documentation you’ll follow our counselors’ guideline to collect and arrange the documents. The final outcome of our documentation is study-approval from college and University. Our staff will try their best to make you familiar with college life; dos and don’t in the destination country. You’ll get every sort of information succeed in your course of study.  We pick your choice and sketch the roadmap to sure success.

No one can guide you to your success like us. Meet our highly experienced counselors.

We are considered to be very credible in Abroad Study Counseling. The 80 percent of students who visit our offices are recommended by our previous students. Our experienced counselors guide you to choose the course to the final outcome of the course in the destination country. From the assessment to finally getting the study approval and highest possible chance of getting the visa. We stand tall with impeccable team members who give their hearts out to every step of the document processing to study approval. We have a set of counselors who can guide you the path to the glorious future and way to a new beginning. Career counseling will act as a building block of their career. We will help you overcome all your fears and the answer all your queries and help you excel in it. Individual counseling is provided to the student and the student’s background, aptitude, interest and future career aspirations taken into account.

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