Post-Visa Orientation & Travel arrangements.

Once you get the Visa / Visa approval We conduct the orientation program for your destination country. In this, we guide your college life, law and social values of the destined country; accommodation and part-time job search tools in local areas. We guide you the best possible way to obtain the course, how to hunt part-time jobs and study and work balance in the destined city. Our maximum priority will be your successful course completion. Our experienced counselors will guide you the real-clear roadmap of the successful degree and pre-inform you the best way to enter in the job market in the destination country.

No one can do this far to get burden down in your country of destination. Meet our counselors today.

We also deal with overall travel and accommodation of the student so that it will make easier get some burden down on their part as you will be traveling abroad. We try to set you up with some affordable accommodation and if you want to stay at the dormitory of the colleges then we can arrange that too once we talk with the university you want to enroll. Therefore, after the successful approval of the visa, we guide our students in accommodation & travel arrangements in request of students.

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