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PTE preparation tips from experts

The PTE English test is becoming increasingly popular among international students because of its easy to achieve and conveniently notified result.

As a matter of fact, I have never enjoyed any job in my entire life as much as I enjoy this one. I can relate to those people who are aiming to score band 6 or 7 each in the PTE because I too was once striving for PTE results, and consequently I can provide them with the best possible tips and strategies.

Please review the tips below that will help you if you are going to sit for the PTE-A.

1) Speaking: The main attributes that are required in this section are confidence and clarity of voice, including intonation/stress patterns. Either in Read aloud, Describe image, or Re-tell lecture, how you say the answers is as important as what you say. Apparently, the same answer, for example, in Describe image can get you band 6 and the same answer said with clearer and louder voice, intonation, and confidence will get you band 8. This part of the test is to examine how well you speak English, so make sure you speak in any case, even though you do not know exactly what to say. For instance, in the Re-tell lecture and Describe image, just stay within the context and keep speaking.

2) Writing: Firstly, typing fast is a key skill to master when it comes to the writing module of the PTE because you will only have 10 mins for summarizing the written text and 20 mins to write the essay. In the former task, make sure you understand the main ideas that are mainly in the introduction and conclusion paragraphs and make a concise sentence by combining them.

For essays, 280/290 words are ideal. Stick strictly to the prompt by understanding what the question is asking, write a concise and clear Introduction and Conclusion, and in the body paragraphs 1 and 2 add some examples in the essay that explain your idea.

3) Reading: The best thing I can say to start up with is “if you are struggling in the Reading module then start reading”. The more you read (i.e. a news article, novel etc.) the more you increase your comprehension skills and you will be confronted by new vocabularies that will help you in Reading/ Reading + writing- Fill in the blanks.

Additionally, Word collocation plays a huge role in Fill in the blanks. Full marks in fill in the blanks can almost get you band 7 just by itself. Also, don’t forget to manage your time by spending only 1 to 2 minutes for choosing single and multiple answers types because if you spend more time on this you may miss the last questions which carry heavy marks.

4) Listening: Summarize written text holds a fair amount of points; therefore, make sure you make good notes out of what you hear from the played audio. Make sure you only write the words that you are sure about in term of spelling and vocabulary as you get points for those.

Try listening to an audio i.e. news or TED talks and write it down. It will increase your speed and enhance your spelling skills, which is vital for all items of Listening including Fill in the blanks, and write from dictation. Hence, I will be able to provide you with many more tips if you sign up for our classes. I would love to help you achieve the same success with the PTE that I have had. If you are interested, please contact us through:

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